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7 Reasons your Startup Needs an Explainer Video

In preparing for our attendance to the 3rd annual International Startup Festival in Montreal, we were forced to really evaluate our offering and think about what value Explainer Videos provide for startups; a simple exercise of putting ourselves in your position. Which, in truth, is not difficult because, since we are a young company and […]

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5 Quick Wins For Promoting Your Brand on YouTube

To create a strong presence on YouTube, you need an effective branding strategy right across your channel. Your brand is the way your audience perceives you, and your target viewership should be able to easily recognize and differentiate your brand from others. In order to create a strong presence, you need to start implementing branding […]

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How to use video to promote your business

Have you thought about creating videos to promote your business? Video can boost your search engine rankings and is an effective way to increase customer engagement. But how do you go about making a video?

In the US, YouTube accounts for around 18% of all downstream internet traffic (that’s data that goes from a source […]

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How to Create a Training Video

The first-ever moving picture, shot in 1878, was intended to answer a pretty simple-sounding question: How do horses move their legs when they run? Before the advent of the moving picture, it wasn’t known. But string several frames together in quick succession, and voila! The answer becomes clear.

Fast-forward a hundred and thirty-something years later, […]

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How to Make a Short Film

In this day and age, anyone can make a short film. But, if you want to make a good film it will take time, preparation, and some expense. But, if making a short film is something you really want to do, putting time in now will make all the difference later.

Method 1: Forming the […]

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Cuts & Camera Productions: A full service video production & post-production boutique

We are a full service video production & post-production boutique, offering clients talented editors, artists, & directors. Our services include full production services, editorial,  2D & 3D animation, architectural visualization, motion graphics, visual effects, compositing, color correction, branding, app & web design & development.

Our talented artists are shear genius when comes to animation, creating 2.D,  2.5D, […]

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For Corporate and Promotional Video Production, look no further than Cuts & Camera . We combine creativity, sharp content and digital marketing expertise to engage your audience.

As one of the most innovative corporate and promotional video production companies in the gurgaon(ggn gurugram) offers more than a decade of experience working with companies of all sizes.

We are an end-to-end creative video production company; working with passion to develop an initial concept, through storyboarding, filming, editing and post-production to delivery with a digital […]

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Why Is Video Marketing So Important?

People Love Videos
Recent forecasts from Cisco Systems suggest that the number of online video consumers will double to 1.5 billion by 2015, with total online video consumption predicted to quadruple. Since video usage is growing, businesses cannot neglect video as a viable marketing channel. Video allows businesses to create and share remarkable content with […]

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3 Reasons Why You Need a Corporate Video Production Strategy

When it comes to a solid corporate video production strategy, you have to cover all of your bases. You can’t just write good content on a blog anymore. You have to go above and beyond when it comes to creating amazing content. This means taking your message and spreading it in different ways. Video […]

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Video accounts for one-third of all online activity. In 2014, over 85 percent of the U.S. Internet audience viewed online video. Every day 100 million internet users watch at least one online video. And in one month alone, Indians spent an average of almost 18 hours watching online video – consuming nearly 50 billion […]

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