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Client understand products faster with training video

Here’s a scenario, you may have experienced. You participate in a live training and it was fantastic–engaging and informative. But there’s one concept you can’t quite get my head around or can’t remember. You need to ask the trainer to clarify it, but hang on, they left last week! With in-person trainings, learners can’t […]

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Train your new employees through video. We will make one

Employee training videos are among the most prominent training tools around. A single well-developed video can play a more prominent role in an employee development plan template than a dozen training articles or brochures. Good examples of this are orientation videos, which are not only useful in educating new employees, but are also very […]

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Need to make staff training video ? Call us

You can accelerate your staff learning curve by using demonstration and training videos. The power of the visual medium allows team members to watch the video over and over again until the information is understood. It’s an excellent way to clarify “how to” steps. Quality training videos that use clear communication can cut down […]

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Cuts & Camera Productions : Top video production house

We are an established television production company based in gurugram gurgaon. Our level of expertise has provided top-notch video production services across India and delhi ncr. We have gained success due to the personalized service and well-maintained equipment that we bring to every project.

Our highly knowledgeable on-staff  film crews will execute pro-level videography, webcasting, and video editing services. […]

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Best video making production house in Gurgaon

Cuts & Camera is a team of local crew & vendors, for all your production needs — from corporate media and live events to film, television, digital media, and everything in between. We reduce the headaches and uncertainty associated with hiring in this extremely specialized industry by connecting you to the best vetted, professional […]

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Make your next corporate video with us

For a lot of us, professional video production means shooting and editing corporate videos. Whether you’ve been doing it for decades or are planning your first shoot, here are some tips to keep in mind on your next project.

Personally, I’ve found that I can enjoy corporate video on a level. You’re helping brands and […]

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Make your next tv commercial with Cuts & Camera Productions

We are a TV commercial company – a unique cross between an advertising agency and a production company. This means you can deal direct with the people who make ads.

We are typically cheaper, quicker and more flexible than the traditional advertising agency model.

Agencies typically have to charge high rates to cover their salary bills, their […]

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Make your next business promotion video : call us.

We’ll use our vast production experience and technical expertise to tell your story. We’ll make the minimum of fuss, giving you our greatest effort to create the maximum impact for you. We believe each video we produce is unique to you – we’ll deliver a creative, intelligent product, effectively.

If you want it filmed, we can […]

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Make video with employees

Employee engagement is about positive attitudes and behaviours leading to improved business outcomes, in a way that they trigger and reinforce one another.

Employee engagement is about our employees feeling pride and loyalty working for our organisation, being a great advocate of the organisation to our clients, users and customers, going the extra mile to […]

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Why Should You Use Social Media For Video Marketing?

Video marketing is one of the rising tactics in today’s time, and the reason behind it is the growing popularity of videos on the various web and social media platforms. Recently Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg also started live video service for its users to give them the freedom to interact with their fans and […]

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