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Many organisations the expectations that Corporate Films usually involve talking heads with occasional cut-away footage, usually lasting about 3-4minutes. If this was your last film, than there’s a good chance it failed miserably. Even if we have a dedicated interest in a topic, all we want to know is how will your product or service […]

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You’re coming to the end of the year and you’ve realised that you’ve done exceptionally well in making the most of your 2017 Content Marketing budget in delhi! In fact, you even have some left over cash but don’t necessarily know where to put it. There are no video campaigns coming up that you haven’t […]

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Why Choose an Animation Video for your Marketing Campaign? Sometimes a client will come to us with a brief and we’ll ask “Have you considered presenting this information through animation?”. We often suggest this because it will help convey the company message more clearly, especially if the script is complex and full of information. Here […]