You’re coming to the end of the year and you’ve realised that you’ve done exceptionally well in making the most of your 2017 Content Marketing budget in delhi! In fact, you even have some left over cash but don’t necessarily know where to put it. There are no video campaigns coming up that you haven’t already considered and you don’t have a corporate video brief on the table to discuss. So, what are the steps you can take to ensure you aren’t just creating video content for the sake of it?

Having one of our in-house Digital Content Specialists analyse your website traffic is an easy point-of-call in determining where a corporate video could help achieve ROI. They can identify which specific area needs further attention e.g. Social Media, E-mail marketing,

You’ll then have the joy of working with me in determining a budget and putting in place a strict Quality Control process, ensuring your corporate film will be on brand and link to an existing or upcoming campaign strategy. Once all of the underlining details have been taken care of, the information will be passed onto our in-house Creative Team who will come up with THREE unique, creative ideas that will not only achieve your goals, but put you ahead of your competitors. The freedom is then up to you to decide what ideas/aspects you like and then when you’re ready to kick-start, your project will go through the development stages of the filmmaking process.

The corporate video in delhi has now been developed and it’s ready for you to ship out…. Not quite. Our Optimisation team with your help will create the appropriate social edits, based on the analytics we collected prior to beginning the project, so that your project is seen by the right people. Then we’ll monitor the performance of the digital video – engagement, likes, views, conversions, traffic to the website. Then, carry out the right changes to maximise the result.


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