Video for events is a game changer for ncr activities

One of the most effective ways to increase your ROI and leverage the power of your social media video marketing plan is to repurpose event coverage and put its content to work in a series of engaging ways. In the past, brands filmed live events solely as a means to preserve them for their archives without taking into consideration the multitude of other uses the content could be used for. Not anymore! Today the savviest of marketers understand that corporate events can serve as content hubs, affording us the opportunity to plan, produce and capture material onsite to be utilized far beyond the lifespan of the event itself.

Here are 9 ways

Highlight Reel
Create a reel of captured moments from award ceremonies to product reveals and launches to capture viewer interest and generate buzz.

Red Carpet Moments Montage
Create a virtual Who’s Who montage featuring honorees, performers and industry executives from previous events that you can share throughout all your event stages. Post the montage on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

Behind the Scenes Look
People love getting a sneak peek about what goes on behind the scenes so let them get a glimpse behind the curtain from some of your past events. Generate some excitement by showing footage of uncorking champagne bottles, setting up tablescapes, band rehearsals, honorees practicing their remarks, anything that gives viewers an insider’s look at the pre-event happenings.

Live Feed
While a live feed is a great way to build onsite excitement and boost public interest in real time, you can also repurpose that footage post-event across your social media channels, allowing those that missed the event to feel like a part of it.

Share Attendee-Generated Event Content
Create a universal hashtag for your event and be sure to include it in all your marketing materials as well as prominently at the event itself. This is a strategic way to get your attendees to share their own content during and after the event and help build your own content library.

Be sure to search social media for your hashtag during and after your event and share user-generated content on your platforms, crediting the original poster and engaging them in conversation.