Tips Video Marketing

5 Quick Wins For Promoting Your Brand on YouTube

To create a strong presence on YouTube, you need an effective branding strategy right across your channel. Your brand is the way your audience perceives you, and your target viewership should be able to easily recognize and differentiate your brand from others. In order to create a strong presence, you need to start implementing branding strategies. […]

Film Making Tips

Equipment for low budget filmmaking

What do you need? All you need to get started is a camera and a few accessories, a tripod, a microphone and a computer with an editing program. If you want to keep it even simpler, you can film and edit on an iPhone or iPad. Don’t spend too much on gear when you’re starting off: buy basic, buy used and hire […]


5 Rules Tips for film video production editing making in gurgaon noida delhi

    a.) Location is very important. Choose the best locations from gurgaon, delhi, noida or faridabad.   b.) Think about moving pictures. This will help you in visualizing things.   c.) Always use a tripod   d.) Don’t use zoom   c.) Minimal acting.   Still confused ?  Dont’ worry we will take care […]

Strategy Tips

Tips for Getting The Best Out of Your Video Project

In this week we will identify the best way to find a video production company in Delhi Ncr that can make your marketing dreams seem to touch realistic. If you simply outsource it to some company you never know what you will get or how much you will end up paying . Before you hire […]