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Training Education Video

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Our in-house team members aren’t just your ordinary video production specialists. With over 2000+ of handcrafted video produced, you can rest assured that your video is going to be both innovative and engaging.

It feels like it was just yesterday when Explainer training Videos took the world of startups by storm. Cuts & Camera […]

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Need an immediate training video for new staff ? You are at right place. Call us

Cuts & Camera creates original, creative training video content for your digital channels and staff. We are a team of video specialists with a passion of storytelling, delivering effective video projects for today’s top digital platforms.

Power lift your website content and social media today to drive more business. Make a training video and save […]

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Client understand products faster with training video

Here’s a scenario, you may have experienced. You participate in a live training and it was fantastic–engaging and informative. But there’s one concept you can’t quite get my head around or can’t remember. You need to ask the trainer to clarify it, but hang on, they left last week! With in-person trainings, learners can’t […]

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Train your new employees through video. We will make one

Employee training videos are among the most prominent training tools around. A single well-developed video can play a more prominent role in an employee development plan template than a dozen training articles or brochures. Good examples of this are orientation videos, which are not only useful in educating new employees, but are also very […]

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The Importance of Training Through Video

As you know, there are many ways to deliver training including: live classes, self-study workbooks, interactive software, and online training videos to name just a few. Each has its place; however, training employees through video has numerous advantages. Here’s why using videos for training is so important:

.   Video is highly visual. Many learners learn […]

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How to Create a Training Video

The first-ever moving picture, shot in 1878, was intended to answer a pretty simple-sounding question: How do horses move their legs when they run? Before the advent of the moving picture, it wasn’t known. But string several frames together in quick succession, and voila! The answer becomes clear.

Fast-forward a hundred and thirty-something years later, […]

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Make education and training videos : Lecture volumes : call us in gurgaon

Assisting with mastery learning
In some cases, video can be as good as an instructor in communicating facts or demonstrating procedures to assist in mastery learning where a student can view complex clinical or mechanical procedures as many times as they need to. Furthermore, the interactive features of modern web-based media players can be used […]

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