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Uttarakhand Industrial Area consists of various areas likel selakui ,Haridwar Industrial Area, Udham Singh Nagar and various other places.

sidcull stands for state infrastructure and Industrial Development Corporation of Uttarakhand .

lots of startups have started their business in Uttarakhand,  lots of new manufacturing plants have started so because of friendly government policies and fine new location ,low costs, lots of companies prefer to set up their manufacturing plants are in Uttarakhand

every company wants to showcase their process how much cost effective they are in manufacturing how they are taking advantage of the green Eco green friendly technologies how they are recycling water how they are not doing damage to the nearby villages

for all this to showcase to the government they need some kind of proof now one way to go about it is use a written document but the best way smart companies do is produce a video around these good techniques that help the environment by doing  less damage to the environment ,focus on more recycling techniques do less air pollution and also win hearts of the government as well as nearby public .

this also helps them in getting new business from countries abroad

at cuts & camera productions we have a team of 20 + people . at cuts & camera productions we can help you prepare the script write the document to the direction and create video for your company . give us  chance any time and let us help your industrial unit grow . call now 7042111335

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