Corona Lockdown Has Effected Your Restaurant Daily Sales. Time To Pull Back Lost Customers By Promoting Restaurant Hygiene Initiatives.

Our world is still coming to terms with the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 and restaurants are grappling with the consequences of the economic slowdown. The impact of the  coronavirus lockdown on India’s restaurant sector is nothing short of severe. While most  expect things to improve in the latter half of the year, uncertainty is still there.

Hotel and Hospitality Video Production

In this blog we will talk about how the virus has affected the hotel and restaurant industry, and what can be done to restore it.

Currently, restaurant dining business has come to a halt with India under lockdown, the imposition of Section 144. Only food delivery business is working in gurugram. That is also very down.
.In this scenario, there is limited scope for quick revival, but for a slow and steady growth instead. gurgaon restaurant owners are already suggesting each other to make similar type of videos.
 There is little chance returning customers after lockdown is over, because of fear of novel corona. India customers are afraid of virus. 
With deteriorating numbers since February, the latter half of 2020 will be the worst hit. The key to reviving such a market (after the virus is contained, of course) and the lockdown is over,  would be an initiative by restaurants and hotels where they talk about super human sanitizing and hygiene intitiative.  Restaurants, delivery companies and hotels, with aid from the government, will have to come up with quick steps to promote their hygience process to deliver quality to their returning customers. Customers after watching that video should feel that food is safe and secure from corona infections.

It’s also about strengthening the communication within the company, to make a budget and plan for video production and to utilise this period to promote your company image as a clean hygiene staff.

Many restaurants and hotels and food delivery companies have already promoted their videos where they talk about food hygiene followed in all the stages.
– raw material- kitchen sanitizing- cooking with clean hands- frequent sanitizing- delivery boy sanitizing- no contact delivery- hygiene in dining space and utensils
No is your time to promote and reclaim your lost restaurant customers.