Fifteen types of video content that works in the year 2021 & 2022

For a professional video production company to make a successful video, first identify objectives and try to describe your goal for the film in one sentence.

Videos are basically of three types

Awareness: This gets you on your prospects radar. these videos usually have a high-entertainment value and broad appeal.
Engagement: You need to ignite a reaction, such as a like, or share from viewers. This type of video can play on viewer’s emotions.
Education: You need to educate your audience about something. This could mean a customer case study for potential customers.

Round-up videos are basically lists that are curated around themes. e.g top 5 restaurants in gurgaon or delhi or gurugram

2.Company Culture/Meet the Team Video
You will want to give your customers a sense of your company’s values, mission and team members. eg. A factory in manesar makes a video highlighting plant culture or team members

3. Interview videos
These are great for sharing your company’s values and linking yourself with an interesting or inspiring person. eg ceo interview of a company in noida or greater noida

4. Behind The Scenes
These are good practices. Like a gurugram mnc makes a tvc or brand film. Then before launch they can make teaser or show behind the scenes to keep the buzz and engage all.

5. Humorous Video or Skit
Brands need to stand out today. So why not make a funny video to stand out from the competition.

6. Vlog
Vlog, or “video blog” is a diary-style video that is typically filmed by one person in front of their camera or webcam. eg. sales of a company doing vlogs with his gurugram and delhi team.

7. How-To/Explainer
A How-To/Explainer video walks viewers through a process or answers a question. Lots of IT software companies in gurgaon and noida go for explainer videos.

8. Product Review
When you set out to buy something these days, most people check out reviews for the item. Before making the buying decision people want to see review videos.

9. Announcement Video
Announcement videos are a great way to share big news with your audience. Whether you are launching a new product or opening another store, an announcement video helps you get the message across and build excitement.

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