Colour science: how it impacts your corporate video advertisement

Not many organizations are aware about this fact, that colours play most important role in today’s competitive business environment. For a company in gurgaon or delhi the prime goals is to have a quality service or product. However, it must also invest time and money in positioning their visible style. Colors in your branding style effectively distinguish the company’s brand from others.

You must ensure that the colours are effective.

Two types of colors are mainly used in marketing activities
a.) Warm colours: red, orange, yellow and their combinations.
b.) Cold colours: green, blue, purple and their combinations.

Now lets discuss different types of colors
a.) RED : Used in films to create a masculine feeling or on fast-moving goods .
b.) ORANGE : Used in films to create sense of playfulness, generate emotions, or attract attention.
c.) YELLOW : Used in films to generate action and is often linked to the possibility of bargain shopping.
d.) GREEN : Used in films where brand wants to represent themselves as ecological and health-enriching
e.) BLUE : blue is used most often for ad films at financial and banking institutions because it adds sense of success and authority. On the other hand, light blue is associated with friendship and free communication.
f.) PURPLE : Is mostly used in films where target group of the advertisement is women, children, or teenagers.
g.) WHITE : this color is used in a corporate film when focus is on ideas of purity, lightness, perfection, cold, and peace.
h.) BLACK : Black is associated AD films of brands that are recognized with elegance, seriousness, strength, self-confidence, or prestige.
i.) GRAY : Generally this color is used corporate films to highlight Neutrality, mediocrity, conservatism, poverty, expressionlessness: these are all associations with grey

While planning your next corporate film , corporate video , tvc, digital brand film or product video these psychological aspects of the given colours must be considered .When designing elements of communication you should certainly take help from the video production house you have hired for the job.

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