Why It Is Important To Use Drone For Corporate Shoots And Corporate Videos

Gurgaon has emerged as one of the top 10 places in asia for IT Companies and manufacturing companies.


On an average each company has around 2000 employees. Like take the case of hero. It is huge and has mega factory.

To accomodate huge man power strength and huge machinery , each company is renting or buying big size it parks or manufacturing plant sites in gurugram manesar.

When comes to marketing and preparing marketing content, it becomes very tough to cover the entire place using ground camera using a gimbals. 

one we dont get good angle for video shoot, also it take 3-4 days to cover the entire site.

With the help of drone camera with hasselblad lens and an inbuilt gimbal it become breeze.

Easily we get good content recorded. Also its help in making a good corporate AV. In case you want to shoot a corporate video for year 2020, just give us a call 7042111335

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