Top 10 Video Production Trends for 2020- All you need to know

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The video production methodology has changed rapidly in the last few years. The need for video production instead of dipping had been increasing day by day. 2019 introduced new technologies, new formats; advanced gears gave a new face of the media business. After analyzing the market of 2019, I came up with the top 10 trending ways of video production, which might help you as well.

●  Mobile Optimized Video: Gone are the days of large screens of a computer. Now mostly, the internet is used on mobile or tablets. So if a video created as per computer dimensions would not attract viewers on mobile or tablets. So as one of the Best Video Production Company, we make vertical videos with a 9:16 ratio, the advantage being that this type of video covers the whole screen, reducing the rate of distractions. Considering social media trends, we can see so many Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook video content. We have a team of creative people who are dedicated to creating video content for audience engagement.

●  The need for Cinemagraphs: Cinemagraphs were already in the industry for long, but the importance of cinemagraphs has been realized recently with the age of creative marketing. Cinemagraphs are both for video as well as still image content. It is a little different from looped animations. Unlike in GIF, where a part of the video was put in looped animation, cinemagraph has more creative touch in that. The cinemagraphs creates a small continuous movement in a still moment like smoke on fire, moving water. This kind of video content is capable of creating audience engagement if used in the right way.

●  K devices getting faster: I remember my days of video creation when we were excited to use 4k cameras. The appliances have upgraded rapidly from 5k to 18k resolutions, meaning up to 18000 pixels wide. The highest-end cameras are generally used in Hollywood. As a result, we see the picture quality of those movies.

The introduction of Virtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR): VR and AR are both exciting in terms of video creation, but is decidedly less used till now. I can tell you the fact that the growing online gaming market, the use of VR and AR will grow steadily. Now, in the technology industry and others like military and health VR is being used for real-time training modules. Social media platform like Facebook has already started updating with VR and AR modules. Especially virtual reality is the upcoming trend of video production, and we, as one of the Best Video Production Company, put emphasis on all the trending ways to boost your business. In the coming decade, there will be mass adoption of the technology.

●  Video Captioning is necessary: When using social media accounts, we generally do a fast scroll, and sometimes the auto-on video does not get started, so do engage customers you must give a proper caption to your video post-production. In short, you should provide quick and interesting captions for initial engagement. This also helps in SEO, increasing video search reach, and ability to hold customers.

●  Great video content: This method of video production is still debated. Generally, for marketing, use 1-2 minute video is used, but I’m talking about longer videos of 10-30 minutes. This content depends on your distribution channel’s run time. Since the videos are long, it has several benefits strategically. The benefit of the long videos is that it has the capability of pinching the emotional quotient of the customer, which might make him your regular customer. Generally, great video content has a story-telling nature comparing prices, online reviews, and the brand’s need in the viewer’s life. If I follow the trends, people who are ready to watch your 10+ minutes video then it can be highly expected to become a potential customer.

●  Looped Video: Looped videos have also gained popularity in the last five years. Looped videos, generally called GIFs, are quite famous now. They make great video content, but the medium of share should be taken care of. We, as one of the Best Video Production Company, train how to use looped video in your use, and not to forget these videos should be short; otherwise, it will lose its character of customer engagement.

●  Live Streaming Videos: In the social platforms, most views are estimated to be on live streaming, the biggest example of it being important is its addition to facebook a few years back. You have often seen celebrities, business personals, etc. using this method to engage with its followers and like-minded people. The simple reason for this medium getting a boost is that everyone likes watching something in real-time than pre-recorded events. The live stream is everywhere on facebook, snapchat, youtube, and other mediums.

●  Animated videos: Animation itself has a beautiful nature. So websites using animated videos are seen to rank better and faster. You just need to put a video in explanative nature on the homepage and see your increase in web traffic.

●  Videos on LinkedIn: LinkedIn nowadays is almost a certificate of legitimate business. The LinkedIn video content is proved to be successful but not being often used by marketers. The best part of LinkedIn is that it has members right from the uppermost tier of business to ground level personals. So you can have a large exposure, resulting in a potential client.

●  Sponsored Content: Your brand gets legitimacy once linked with a greater brand. This linking has proved to bring many potential customers, as sponsored content gives a boost to its products. If you have been sponsored with a premium brand, then your website ranking also improves.

Now, as a business, if you need a team for all these functions, your search ends here. We are the Best Video Production Company in this region, and we have all sides who are handling multiple projects at the same time. If you have your thoughts manifest, you just need to convey it to our team and then leave it to them. They will put your thoughts on the big screen. So, concluding to increase organic visitors, you need right video production strategies.

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