The importance of good product photography in E-commerce

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When you have large number of products to sell a professional and attractive e-commerce website is designed for an easy and good presentation to the customers. Now the product that you are selling should be well presented otherwise even if you have the best product, people will not buy from you due to lack of presentation. Coming to the presentation the most important thing is the picture quality of the displayed product. If you have a blurred or low quality picture quality, buyers will move out of your website questioning your authenticity.

                  E-commerce product photography is a new term in the industry and has become an integral part, because it is capable to either make or break your business. When you go to a store to pick any item, you tend to see the product before any purchase. But in case of e-commerce there is no chance of live product before purchase, so the viewer trusts what you show though pictures. So Product photography is very essential with the growth of online buyers day by day. It is the most important factor of e-commerce. The more attractive, clear, high quality and different angle views serves as a platter to the customer and encourages him to trust on your business and make a purchase. There are endless requirement of a good product photography, let me discuss a few of them:

  • Inability to touch the product before purchase: Unlike in shopping malls we can touch the product which increases the trust to buy, but in e-commerce customers just choose by seeing the product image. So a clear and high E-commerce product photography is very much required. Pictures from different angles are required for a 360 degree view which enables the customer a live product look. But keep in mind every product in your website should have similar amount of pictures, like it should not happen that one product has three and another has four images. Try keeping equal number of images. 

                         A high quality camera should be used with no shaky or blurred images. Focus on the product background which minimizes customer distraction. The product shoot should match the design of the website. Close up views should be included with high resolution and a zoom feature should be included.

  • Make a positive impact on the customer: If you see a savvy website with unclear pictures would you consider trusting your money with them. The answer would be clear no. So to get a good customer experience, E-commerce product photography differentiates you with your competitors. A clear three sixty degree view always makes a positive impact on the customer convincing him to make a purchase. Proper illuminated picture is a must in this genre. No one likes to see dull pictures. This is the same reason there are dedicated photography teams providing services for Amazon and you can see the difference. 
  • Gives the customer a clear view of your offer: When you display a product, you should highlight different features of the product. Features like its width, size, add on features, the brand name should be highlighted. To do this job only by pictures, you need an all round view of the product. This helps the customer understand your product and buy the item. For example people providing services for Flipkart and Amazon make people wear garments and then take pictures to give the viewer almost a trial room experience. Now for a website selling furniture would require views from front, back, sides, and top angles. In short think like a customer before a shoot.
  • Creates uniqueness and separates you from your competitors:

If all the necessary parameters are maintained to perfection as much possible like keeping constancy in the number of product photography, maintaining high quality images and giving three sixty degree view of the product you make yourself separate from your competitors. Putting together, you have to make a easy and informative customer experience to make them buy not only once but you will be making a repeat customer for yourself. These happy customers will give you a mouth to mouth promotion which is believed to be the father of all marketing strategies.

  • Boost your products outside your website: Another way to promote your products outside your website is also necessary. With high quality pictures you can choose Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest to promote your products which would also create interest in your customers outside your regular followers, thus helping in organic footprints on your website. But remember your products should be relevant to the platform which your are choosing.

These are the top benefits of E-commerce product photography and how it can help you get new customers, make repeat customers and also get on the front page. Now to get these benefits there are few things you need to be careful about like using the right tools. Product photography should be done by experienced person who has been in this genre for long, because an experienced will only know the technical requirements giving you the best shot. Devote time in creating good portfolio, this being the backbone of your company. Be specific about the colour of the product in original and in the picture. Most unsatisfied customers are due to mismatch in photo and the one delivered. So if possible double check this minute yet very essential detail. Ask the photographer to use the best available camera. Use JPEG picture format as it provides a high quality in the previews as well.

So concluding even you have the best products available, you need to display them in a proper manner and in the best way. E-commerce website with low quality images is just like you have everything in godown yet not displayed, so how will the sales happen. A professional product photographer ensures the best display which would draw the customer attention and motivate him to make a purchase. The work of the person responsible for product photography and his role in your e-commerce is very essential because he holds the key to your success, because customers trust what they see.



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