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So you’ve decided to make your first corporate video production. Where do you begin? Venturing into the world of video production and video marketing can be a scary – but rewarding – challenge. Here are seven tips to help make that first corporate video a true success.

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Be creative

In this day and age, consumers have very short attention spans. It is crucial that your corporate video captures their attention. When their attention is captured, you can be sure that they will be back. Do not be afraid to seek help or ideas from multiple sources. Management, Human Resources, even interns can be a vital pool of ideas for you to pull from. Do not weed out an idea simply because of a title or status; the greatest idea could come from the bottom of the ladder

Have great quality


It is extremely easy to have HD quality these days. While this is good news for you, it also means that your consumers are going to have high expectations when it comes to your video production. Investing in a decent High Definition camera and quality lighting will ensure that your corporate video can compete with any competitors regardless of budget.

Be honest

Your corporate video is not a time to lie to your consumers. Being honest and straightforward is a vital part of building trust and respect with your audience. By embellishing and over-exaggerating, you are causing your company to look misleading and dishonest. Be proud of what you have to offer, but be honest as well.

Have a good team

Have good team members is a crucial part of video production. Without a strong team, you may find yourself standing alone with no support behind you. Pick a select few from the beginning. It is better to have a few good workers than many mediocre ones. Pick a team you can trust and your video will flourish from there.

Have a strong message

Have something to say. Attention spans are short, as we discussed, so now is not the time to ramble off a hundred points. Stick to two or three topics to discuss. Remember, the shorter the better when it comes to corporate videos.

Be timeless

As relevant as you may want to be, it is important not to tread too closely to what is popular on the Internet or social media. While it may cause an initial spike in popularity of your corporate video, the interest will wane as the interest will fade for the popular topic. Stick to tried and true measures of video production and make sure your corporate video will always be relevant.

Be confident

The most important step of all is to be confident in your product. Without confidence you will lose faith from your consumers and your corporation will be negatively affected. Be proud of the product you produce.

Now that you are armed with these seven tips, it is time to go out and make your first corporate video! Just make sure to keep these ideas in mind to make sure your first production is a success!

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Cuts & Camera Productions
We produce innovative & engaging videos that use creativity and ideas to help you reach the people you want to reach.
m. +91 7042111335
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