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The story is at the heart of this competition. If you have an idea of a story you’d like to tell, then you have all the credentials needed to become our competition winner.


Step 1: Brainstorming

Think about the purpose of your story.

Is there a single issue that is unsettling your life and that you want to tell the world about?Perhaps you’re affected by crippling university fees, or poor housing;

Make a spider graph and think of key words, events and images linked to the issue. How do they connect and relate to each other? You might want to look in magazines and newspapers, or search the internet for related articles.

Step 2: Planning

Now you have a rough idea of the theme of your story, take some time to explore how you want to say it.

Do you want to make a documentary? Or do you want to make a drama? Do you want to use animation?

You probably won‘t able to answer all of these questions now. Grab a friend, relative or teacher and share your ideas with them. Keep talking and things will evolve. Buy a notebook and note your ideas as they pop in your head or you’ll lose them.

Step 3: The Story

Now you can begin to piece together your story.

You will need to form a script. You might want a tight script where actors speak word-for-word or you may wish to have the characters improvise, giving them a stimulus.

If you are making a documentary, now is the time to research the people you want to interview and come up with appropriate questions to ask.

Step 4: People

Who are the characters in your story? Take some time to make a family tree of your characters and think about how they link together. Think about their backgrounds. Try and make them as real as possible:

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