5 Stages of Video Marketing

Video Marketing
Step 1: Strategic Planning:
Identifying purpose and strategic goals to the story.
You’ll want to consider the goals of your video: create a creative brief, and story outline; consider the goals, genre, and audience of your video; work out a script, story board, and budget.
Step 2: Pre-Production:
Planning the technical aspects to creating and filming the video.
Once you’ve determined your strategic goals, it’s time to flesh out how you’re going to achieve them and develop a concrete plan for how to produce the video from a technical standpoint.
Step 3: Production:
Filming your Promotional Video.
Now that you’ve got a plan, it’s time to put it into action. Here’s where you actually visit the location with your crew, get your interview subjects ready, setup the camera, lights and audio equipment and film your promotional video.
Step 4: Post-Production:
Editing your Promotional Video.
Now that you’ve shot the video, it’s time to import the clips, edit them together with editing app, add music and graphics and fine-tuning the visuals and sound.
Step 5: Distribution & Marketing:
Distributing and sharing your Promotional Video.
Once you’ve got your video nice and polished through editing, you’ll need to distribute and promote the video through the media, search-engine optimization (SEO), and sharing.
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