Let’s go with the basics.

1. STANDARD: This is exactly what is sounds like, Its gonna be the end

end of one scene and start another. Just putting two clips together with no flair no error meaning.

2. JUMP CUT: It’s gonna be just that to jump around the scene with the intent with the speed enough time. It can be done by simply demonstrate the passing of time.

3. J-CUT: If you actually see the J-CUT it’s way more than you realize it’s simply leading into the next scene with the audio.

4- L-CUT: The L-CUT exactly is what J-CUT but FLit. The L-CUT

is absolutely essential for conversational scenes because you gonna have two charecters because one of them is going to say something and then you gonna cut to the other character as the first character still talking.

5- CUTTING ON ACTION: It cut when the character moves a certain way.

6- CROSS-CUTTING: Cross-cutting is also known as parallel cutting.

This just a way to build suspense having to narrative playout at the same time. 7- CUTAWAY: Little bit like cross-cutting. It is used to informing the viewer you are in the seen.

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