Corporate Film Production Mistakes done by artists

Choosing to create a corporate video to help promote your business needs patience.Your video should make strong impact. Avoid these errors in ur business

Mistake #1: No Clear Purpose
dont make generic corporate videos. corporate video should be made for a specific purpose. Ask yourself

  • you want to attract fresh hiring
  • you want to impress international customer
  • you want to increase sales .

Mistake #2: Filmmaking by big team
A lot of times lots of people from the company start getting involved in the video production. this sometimes does more damage then any betterment.

Always keep one point of contact.

Mistake #3: Not setting right Tone
Remember: your audience has many things competing for their attention. And they are highly educated. So deliver engaging, human video content, else you risk losing them.

Mistake #4: Your Video is lengthy
These days people dont like lengthy videos. They may get distracted by something else which your competitor wants to show.. this is not good for your business.

Mistake #5: bad Distribution Strategy
just uploading video on few platforms like youtube , google, facebook does not guarantee success. Have discussion with your video production company, web designer, pay-per-click manager, etc.

Mistake #6: Choosing the Wrong Production Company
By choosing the right film production company, you will be selecting a trusted partner to help your decision making process.

Making a corporate video is an interesting experience. By avoiding the mistakes , you will greatly increase your chances of success.

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