A refined lowlight 4k video champion SONY A7S III

Overhauled design with new touch interface
Brand-new 12.1MP back-illuminated sensor
Up to 15 stops of dynamic range with S-Log
Now with arrival of fully articulating screen.

Fortunately, the breaks from tradition don’t stop there. Perhaps a bigger deal for long-time Sony devotees, and indeed critics, is that the company has finally opted for a full touch UI, and it works beautifully.

These design and ergonomic changes are coupled with other impressive flourishes as you work your way around the body of the camera, from the full-sized HDMI port to the inclusion of a dedicated record button on the top plate.

Sony A7S III
It’s hard to find anything to complain about when it comes to the refreshed design of the A7S III – it really does feel like a compromise-free zone for video – but we’d expect nothing less at this price.

The A7S III features a 12.1MP resolution spread across a brand-new full-frame sensor. Sony’s decision to keep the resolution low is single-minded. With competition from Canon climbing up to 45MP and packing 8K video capture, the A7S III resolutely sticks with big pixels and a 4K cap. Its task is simple – to be the best 4K video camera it can be, excelling when it comes to high-ISO, low-light capture.

Being a Sony camera, the A7S III also delivers an excellent, customizable autofocus system, with 759 phase-detection AF points and eye-tracking across animals and humans that claims to be 30% faster than on its predecessor. This combines nicely with optical and electronic stabilization, with the latter coming with a small crop factor.

There are plenty of other highlights: the A7S III can receive an analogue and digital input from its hot-shoe mount, capture 16-bit raw over HDMI when recording at 4K/60p for the first time, and it features a 9.44MP viewfinder – proving that photographers haven’t been entirely forgotten about.

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