super ultra monitors that enhance your corporate video output

The best monitors for video editing help bring any project to life – from full-length features to social media-friendly clips and content for your channel. Carrying outstanding color accuracy, wide color coverage, and ultra-high resolutions, these displays make post-production workflows of gurugram teams faster

But what makes a good editing monitor for your corporate gurgaon videos?

1 The BenQ PD2725U is a great choice for professional video editors, and anyone else looking for one of the best 4K monitors for video editing. The screen boasts 100% sRGB color accuracy, a vibrant 4K UHD resolution, and a sleek, slim bezel design that will complement any setup. Professionals working with graphic design or video editing software will get a lot of use from the monitor’s dual view function. The feature lets you better organize screen space, letting you ‘split’ the screen to show different content on each side. Useful for previewing projects in a range of color spaces and screen sizes.

2 Asus ProArt PA279CRV Asus’s ProArt panels are usually pretty pricey. But the new Asus ProArt PA279CRV gives you the usual ProArt experience including accurate factory calibration and excellent color coverage in a surprisingly affordable package. Connectivity is also a strong point thanks to not only USB-C with 96W of power delivery and a dual-port USB-A hub, but also a downstream DisplayPort output allowing for display daisy chaining. The 27-inch 4K form factor is fundamentally great, too, and allows for excellent pixel density and lovely crisp fonts in both Windows and MacOS.

3 The Apple Pro Display XDR looks expensive at first glance. After all, just the stand costs an extra $999, let alone the $4,999 base price of the display itself. And yet Apple is pitching it as something of a bargain. How so? Well, the idea is that it’s much cheaper than true reference-quality monitors. However, instead of using a dual-LCD solution which allows the very best monitors to control lighting at a per-pixel level, the Apple Pro Display XDR opts for mini-LED backlighting with 576 zones of local dimming. That delivers up to 1,600 nits of peak HDR brightness, which is impressive. But even with 576 zones, the backlighting is relatively imprecise. To put a number on that, each zone is lighting up over 35,000 pixels.

4 . Dell UltraSharp UP3218K 8K monitor Even five years after its announcement, the model is still outstanding and astounding today. However, it continues to have a high price and little competition, perhaps because there isn’t a lot of 8K content available and everyone is still producing mostly 4K video content. But if you’re future-proofing workflows, this PC monitor for video editing is certainly an eye-catching option.With the new breed of high-end smartphones already capable of 8K video recording, the flood of 8K content is likely to make other monitor manufacturers jump aboard the 8K monitor bandwagon.The 32-inch size of this beast doesn’t let it go unnoticed, even when it is turned off.

5 LG 40WP95C If you’re looking to break free from the 4K masses, the LG 40WP95C makes for an intriguing option. It’s a 40-inch 5K2K monitor with 5,120 by 2,160 pixels. Think of it as a 32-inch 4K monitor with the panel widened out to 21:9 aspect.That means you get the same pixel density as a 32-inch 4K display, but more desktop space. It’s perfect for running video editing software side-by-side with editing notes or reference webpages. At 40 inches and with all those pixels, it really does deliver a rather glorious digital canvas, which makes getting work done so much more pleasant and ergonomic. Once you’ve tried a panel like this, going back to something like a 4K 27 incher does feel very restrictive.

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