How to use the full power of video marketing in corporate

How do you use video so that your marketing funnel strategy doesn’t go waste and you don’t loose the customer on the way. without getting stuck or dropping out along the way?

Imagine scrolling on Facebook and seeing some ads again and again , that too about gyms in gurugram or wellness centers in delhi. Those ads offering you some discount as well. You get tempted and carried away by the ad and so you visit their website and buy the service. By following these footsteps, you went through a pre planned marketing funnel. Think of it like an aircraft guided through lights at gurgaon road to reach the airport runway for landing.

The marketing funnel consists of several phases and which are followed in sequence during a sales conversion path.

1st phase AWARENESS > At this phase your prospects have some problem related to a product or service. Something they need to fill this gap. Awareness about your product or service can pull them towards your product or service. So try making videos for seo, or make videos for facebook ads ,or you can also make a nice promotional video to highlight on website. For example a furniture house in gurugram once starts making informational videos on types of furnitures, definitely it will add weightage to his seo strategy and will fetch more leads.

2nd phase CONSIDERATION > At this stage probably customers already know about your service. But they don’t have the confidence in you. So what to do ? Simply start making demo video or maybe case study videos. For example a preowned car broker in manesar /bhiwadi can make videos about fast-car-sale process or instant money on selling car or maybe he can show the benefits of selling car through them or maybe he can put tips and tricks to keep car in good condition.

3rd phase DECISION MAKING > This is the final moment of truth. Customer likes your product or service but needs the final push. This can be achieved by presenting to them testimonial videos, corporate video or brand videos. Establish an emotional connection with the buyer, making them feel part of your ecosystem.

4th phase ACTION > Many will thing that why this phase is required, if the prospect has already done the purchase. After payment the important role begins for you to give good customer experience. Start making video that talks about how to user all the features of product or service in detail or a video that explains the troubleshooting method. Also regular videos about product updates can be sent to the customer as part of retention exercise.


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