Learn from mistake for better corporate video shoots

By end of this year more than 85% internet traffic will be videos.

Videos are worth every penny that is invested in their development. Today’s technology has given everyone access to video marketing and availability of good video production houses in and around delhi gurugram ncr. The real issue is doing it without making mistakes.

Mistake #1: POOR VIDEO SEO
Just by uploading video will not help you get viewers. Use right keywords in title-description, make proper thumbnails.

Mistake #2: Bad Objectives in Mind

Videos must have a clear message and tell viewers what you want them to do. So make sure that you write your script before you even think about trying to shoot it.

Mistake #3: Making Videos that are Too Long

If a video does not hook an audience within the first few seconds, then it becomes non productive. In most cases, you should keep your videos short and engaging so that viewers will stick around for the whole thing.

Mistake #4: Stuffing Videos with Irrelevant Messages

Word choice plays an important role. Make sure that you’re using the right words to convey the overall message. This is another reason why writing a script in advance is handy.

Mistake #5: Lack of Planning

Planning is very important before shoot. Also, improper planning will cause videos to eat away at your resources. They become more expensive to produce due to the constant need to reshoot it.

Mistake #6: Creating Videos that are Too Focused on Sales

One clear call to action is all you need to include in a video. Overdoing marketing/sales stuff will come across as spam and will irritate your viewers.

Mistake #7: Using the Wrong Platform for Marketing

Try to put your videos onto as many platforms as possible to be sure it’s reaching your audience. Don’t just relay on facebook and youtube.

Mistake #8: They Don’t Show What They Are Telling

A lot of beginners focus too much on what they are telling their audience without actually showing them. With every line in the voice, ensure you show the right stuff.

Making mistakes is part of running a business, but it’s also essential that we learn from others so that we can easily avoid these video production mistakes. But if you do like to take help from a professional-video-production-house , do contact them. Learn and keep moving forward.


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