Business 2 Business Advertising Trends In Millennial Cities

The pandemic did hit everyone and data says the video component ruled business-to-business brands in 2021. As everyone was on survival mode, all realized that the key to survive was to stay personable with prospects. Winning hearts with the most interactive and human content type: video.

TikTok overtook YouTube in watch time. Facebook and Instagram were still the most downloaded apps and were used more to watch videos than 2020.

Although its a good idea to publish your content on every platform, but its important to customized content as per the platform specifications.

Explainer videos are ideal as they present data in informative and engaging way, fast. In addition, they can increase your conversion rate once you add them on your landing pages.

Lately more organizations created videos to share their announcements of new products and services.

Motion graphics videos Plus, live-action videos along with corporate videos can help achieve better results.

video content gets you 3x more engagement and traffic than non-video content. The video SEO statistics of the year show that video content get you better results on seo google.

Shoppable videos will will dominate the future of e-commerce. These product videos improve audience engagement, generate enquiries, and boost your sales by allowing viewers to explore the entire product in the most interactive way.

Would you like to improve your ROI with video? Ask us to Compile your brand message and product/service benefits into a winning video.

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