Product photography for corporate products requires skills and certain tricks

Product photography shoot of shoes

E-Commerce in India is expected to reach $200 billion by 2025 from $40 billion in 2017. This growth is phenomenal.

Players like flipkart, amazon , myntra are leading the marketplace space in metro cities especially in delhi ncr, gurgaon, noida, gurugram.

From established players like appario to new players everyday some new entrepreneurs join the ecommerce race.

When from gurgaon you go towards pataudi there is huge cluster of ecommerce warehouse you will se on both sides of the road. Lacs and thousands of trucks will be seen waiting near these warehouses.

Main igniting force behind this is customers getting attracted to nice product pictures on the ecommerce sites.

There are certain things when kept in mind , you can get very nice results.
a.) hang products through threads to gets shots from various creative angles.
b.) Take macro shots from macro lenses. Also try to do photo manipulation
c.) use good backgrounds, with natural or with paper. Also sometimes keep background in focus
d.) Place products above a reflective surface like mirror or glass. Also try to use stands.
e.) Integrate products with models and personalities
f.) use low aperture lenses to achieve best bokeh effect
g.) Avoid prime lenses and instead go for telephoto. Somewhere between 85mm to 135mm
h.) Try to take some ideas from other inspiring product photography and try to integrate with your strategy.
i.) Don’t use too many objects in the set as it will give cluttered outlook
j.) Make sure you colors to achieve a natural tone.
k.) Use proper lighting. Avoid wrong reflections.
l.) Not just depend on studio, but also try to use outside locations like grass sand etc.

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