How can a training film bring productivity at a manufacturing plant

Employee training and manufacturing production are two very important topics. These are not two different topics but two topics that have to work in synergy.

Every year companies hire new workers for their shop floor as the attrition rate is high. They are given training initially and they are landed into shop floors and assembly lines. These factories and manufacturing units located in bilaspur, tauru road have goal to get fast production with least amount of defects.

Now in the year 2023 there is huge amount of competition between OEMs. End user customers love products with zero defect in the long run. To achieve this every small and big component maker has to ensure fast production with zero defect.

Basic manual training to workers is not a fool proof formula as defects come again and again. To eliminate such blunders companies are looking for alternative fool proof solutions.

Video training films comes to rescue in such cases.

It takes one time investment to make proper training films. Once the content is ready , workers and employees have access to it on their phone. Daily or weekly they can go through it and refresh the training content. Weekly assessment test by HR keep a check on their current training status.

Best part is the the MD/Director of the company are very happy as a.) they save cost of not hiring a trainer b.) workers are 100% trained c.) production gives 100% output with zero defect.

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