Why customer disclosing their budget at the beginning is good for the project

The cost of a quality professional video production can be less or more but one thing everyone should note, that higher the client invests in a project the higher production value it will have.

We hear this regularly . “whats the cost , Kitne main ho jaega ?
“. Reality is there are various components in a project production. The best way for a client to get the best of out their company cash is to be upfront with their budget. This way a production agency in turn, provide the clients the production value they deserve.

That said, If a client is open about project cost budget then we as an agency are able to understand their seriousness for the project. This way we know that we are dealing with the right company and thing about more creative possibilities in the budget. Wasting time on non serious customers is painful.

Benefits are :
– Save time for both agency and customer
– Client will get more production value
– Better assured ROI for customer
– Ensure better marketing plan for customer
– Reliability of campaigns for customer
– Customer saves time searching for alternates and negotiation

In the end, we will suggest that disclosing budget at the start by the customer is a very good practise.

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