Sony a7R V is a good camera but is it good enough to pull corporate product video projects

The new Sony Alpha 7R V (a7R V) starts a new era of artificial intelligence (AI) autofocus (AF) on the Sony platform. As our team used it, we found new AF system very accurate . Even with a 60-megapixel sensor, the camera can track subjects with full accuracy. We expect sony to introduce similar features in other alpha range cameras.

The a7R V has “R” and in this camera line “R’ stands for “resolution,” and in corporate video shoots having a good auto focus system always helps. For e.g A product is coming out of a vmc or cnc machine and you want to record it, but the challenge is that other robotic arms of the machine are coming in between the product after every few seconds. In such situation having sony a7r V is breeze.

Processing power was one thing that the previous model a7R IV did not have, and the AF on the camera was not perfect. The a7R V puts it ahead of the a1 in some features, on the same level with the a7S III in many video features, and above of both the a9 and a1 in autofocus system.

If this body is used on corporate shoots or corporate product shoot, It’s unlikely anyone who buys the a7R V will be disappointed with its performance.

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