Facts one must clear before making career in video production

Starting a career in video production may seem like a tough task. With so much information about the industry, it can sometimes get difficult to identify where to start with. As experts in the field, we at Cuts & Camera Production Studios want to help you understand a few topics before taking baby steps into video production industry.

  1. Join film school
    While no specific qualification is required. It good to start from a film school. For learning best practices in the industry, attending film school is a good way to begin.
  2. Check out other resources
    If you don’t want to attend film school, don’t be get demotivated. You can learn from online tutorials or you can subscribe to some film maker courses.
  3. Gather soft and hard skills inside you
    You need to learn various hard skills like scriptwriting, camera , editing, composition, sound, lighting etc.

Always remember

a. Payscale
The entry pay scale for film/video production can vary exponentially .The more experienced one becomes, the bigger the client network, and the more you add new clients, the bigger the pay.

b. Growth
There’s an assured growth plus you get to know hidden stories that are all around you . And in this profile you naturally meet tons and tons of people along the way. Ensure that everytime you make a lasting impression ..every time for sure.

c. Travel
Traveling is normal in this profile. You will be forced to spend a lot of time away from your home .
The road to a great job in production is not constructed in one night so have patience and keep working hard and building relationships.

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