Short Film Production

Planning to make a short film | Give us a call | Cuts & Camera Productions

..So why make a short film? Because it’s probably the best calling card for an upcoming writer or director. Creating a strong short is one of the easiest ways to start out on the festival circuit, prove a feature concept, or get commercial work. And it’s almost definitely the fastest way to see your work […]

Ad Film Production

Experts In Ad Film Production : Gurgaon Delhi Noida Ncr

When watching a video, your eyes are drawn to the main focal point on screen. You’ll be absorbing every aspect of the image subconsciously. Whether filming a high-budget blockbuster or low-budget corporate health and safety presentation, creating the best environment possible highlights and complements the action on screen….. Cuts & Camera Productions We produce innovative […]

Product Video Production

Product video production company : gurgaon delhi noida ncr : Cuts & Camera Productions

Making product videos is a great way to effectively convey information, show products in use and create trust with the customer. And with YouTube now being the second most popular search engine in the world, your product videos can even bring you new customers in addition to adding value to your existing ones. If your timid abut jumping into the […]

college promotional video

How to make a promotional video / film for your college | Cuts & Camera Productions Can Help

Before creating a video keep these 3 points in mind. 1) Did you use real students? 2) How did you promote these videos? 3) What kind of response did you got from prospective students? Were you able to trace any application to this initiative? …. Cuts & Camera Productions We produce innovative & engaging videos […]

School Promotional Video

Use video to promote your school – gurgaon delhi noida ncr

And a video is pretty good at selling the school – it says we’re creative, have great facilities – and an English self-deprecatory sense of humour! The combination of cheap video cameras, fast video-editing software and social media means all schools can use video to communicate a wide range of messages! …. Cuts & Camera Productions […]