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Many organisations the expectations that Corporate Films usually involve talking heads with occasional cut-away footage, usually lasting about 3-4minutes. If this was your last film, than there’s a good chance it failed miserably. Even if we have a dedicated interest in a topic, all we want to know is how will your product or service help fix my problems or achieve my goals.
There’s a reason why the most successful organisations we work with are achieving great ROI. They not only put the consumer at the front of their films, but also are creative with their ideas. If your film is the ‘typical’ Corporate Film, then there’s a 100% chance it’s like every other organisation out there. So what separates you from your competitors?
There’s literally no point creating a wonderfully crafted film, only to have it hidden away on an organisation’s website that rarely anyone visits. Having a strong distribution plan will maximise your video’s engagement get the best results for your goals. The creative process should be impacted, depending on what platform you plan to distribute it onto i.e. social media edits.
Although many organisations can now grasp an understanding of platforms, they don’t take the next step and work with a Content Specialist you can help identify industry trends through analytics and work out where the film is best suited. But also, what time the video should be posted and what the video should be titled for search purposes.


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