DJI OSMO POCKET VS GOPRO HERO 7 BLACK . Which one to use for event videography as action camera.


As You Have To Do Videography For Lots Of Events In Delhi Ncr .

Ever Since Photos Of The Mavic 2 Leaked Over The Summer, We’ve Been Seeing Little Bits And Pieces Of The Osmo Pocket. Now You Can Get The New Gopro Hero 7 Black Edition At A Similar Price With Similar Specs . The Osmo Pocket And Hero 7 Black Are Very Similar Yet Completely Different At The Same Time.

Starting With The Gopro, It’s A Very Familiar Design. We’ve All Seen Gopros Before And The Hero 7 Isn’t Much Different From The Hero 6. The Biggest Difference That You Will Notice Is That It’s All Black Instead Of Grey Like The Older Models. There Are Only Two Buttons, One On The Top For Recording Video/Pictures And A Power Button On The Side. Every Other Setting You Can Change From The Touch Screen Or The Mobile App.

From A Durability Standpoint, This Camera Is Bullet Proof… Well, Not Really, But It Will Survive A Few Drops With No Problem, Especially Since The Front And Sides Are Mostly Rubber. If You Tossed It Out Of A Car Window, The Large Touch Screen Would Be The First Thing To Break, However, If You Keep The Hero 7 In It’s Protective Housing While Shooting, The Screen Will Be Mostly Protected. The Hero 7 Is Also Waterproof Up To 30 Feet Without Using An Additional Housing.

Although The Osmo Might Seem Like A Fragile Little Stick With A Super Breakable Gimbal, It’s Built Very Well. The Main Body Is Made From Some Kind Of Plastic. The Screen Is Glass Just Like The Hero 7, But Much Smaller. The Gimbal Although Tiny Is All Machined Metal. No Flimsy Ribbon Cables That Could Break Either! To Be Clear, I Wouldn’t Expect The Osmo Pocket To Hold Up To More Than An Occasional Drop Or Two, But I Think It’s Built As Good As Possible For A Product With A 3-Axis Gimbal.

The Hero 7 Has One Of The Best User Interfaces I’ve Seen On A Camera. It’s Easy To Use, There Aren’t A Million Menus To Go Through Just To Change A Simple Setting Like Framerate, And Being Able To Do Everything From The Back Screen Instead Of Using Your Phone Is Great. What I Don’t Like Is Not Having Full Manual Controls. There Are Some Pro Settings Like White Balance And Color Profiles When You Turn On The Protune Option, But You Don’t Get To Control The Shutter Speed And ISO Manually.

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