How to select the right location for your upcoming video Shoot?

upcoming event video Shoot

Next to next week you have one event lined up where you want to show your corporate video and the demand of the script is that it need certain locations for the shoot but your confused what to do, you are thinking that your office space is not sufficient to do the shoot or probably your office interiors are not  that good to conduct the shoot, So here are certain things that you can do:

1. You can book a resort lots of resorts are available at Shona Road or NH-8 or near Faridabad road.

2. You can book a studio, there are certain studios on Faridabad road , These studios have lot’s of Film sets Design , Ready to use film sets, they charge a nominal fee.

3. Go For inhouse studio shoot, If you book Cuts & camera Productions they have 2000sq feet big size studio, Where you can do a shoot in wide screen, In Green Screen and croma Key. They based out of Gurgaon, also called Gurugram, they have Ten years of experience. 4. You can book a premium apartment in a hotel like Frazer’s Fruits or Sarovar portico, or Golden Julip you can use that for the shoot, you can book a conference room, So these are the certain options which you can use for the shoot and if your shoot is more complex like an ad film or something there are lots of premium films sets  and locations available in UP, Uttarakhand, Jaipur, Agra. You can contact a production house like Cuts & camera Productions, they will share the Possible locations with you. They also help you   in negotiating the rates they can get the rates that reduced by upto 50% and this is beneficial for the company. This will reduce your marketing budget, So next time you have a shoot you don’t have to worry just give a call to Cyts & camera productions you can call them at 7042111335 or email at

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