Why Sony A9 is the best camera for corporate video shoot?

corporate video shoot camera

We have been shooting since 2013 and we have done lots of corporate shoots, infect we used initially Nikon D-90, D- 700 and Canon 5D mark 3, and we love the Nikons and the canons but since 2017 we shifted to Sony from canon and Nikon. So basically, we really like the idea of quit and mirrorless camera which was small, initially we started with Sony A7 mark2 and the colour signs of Sony is amazing and it is light weight and lances are small and the auto focus is amazing and you get the option of lots of lances. This was a totally new world compare to canon and Nikon. In end of 2017 we completely shifted to Sony. Although it took little bit of time to get used to, the video quality is amazing, Photo quality is amazing, the clients were happy, this Sony A7 Mark3 which later upgraded to Electronic view finder the iso was amazing you can go up to hire limit and what else do you need in corporate video shoot? You need to the video of employees shoot is amazing, while taking interviews of the top bosses ,it should look amazing and there are huge amount of difference in quality and then end of 2018 we bought Sony alpha9.It was like there was no around in the shutter and there were lots of options in the Sony A9 and the battery life was amazing, And the colour, spencer and clarity was totally amazing. In Photoshoot event click up to 3000 clicks in one battery charge and the grip was amazing, light weight and used to easily connect with flashes, So bottom line is that Sony is the best camera for Corporate vide shoots.