Safety Step To Consider In Aerial Drone Photography & Videography While Making Your Corporate Video


Every company loves to have drone footage in their video. But did u know flying drone is just like airplane. If a commercial plane can crash, then drone can also crash.

During a corporate video shoot in gurgaon or gurugram if you are taking the following services aerial drone photography & videography services for insurance  , aerial drone photography & videography services for telecom , aerial drone photography & videography services for construction and …if the drone crashes, following are the disadvantages

– loss of asset

– accidental damage to civilian if he comes between the crashing path

– legal issues if drone crashes in public roads and hampers traffic

– loss of production time

– loss of pre recorded footage and sd card is damaged

– loss of production cost and production house will still charge you for the day cost.

Following things tips and tricks can help you to avoid this situation.

– hire a trained drone using production house.

– drone should be new

– set the height limit for drone.

– dont fly near electric wires

– dont fly near trees

– dont fly too close to the buildings

– dont fly when it raining

– dont fly when wind speed is high

– dont fly too close to the ground

– dont just depend on mobile screen view, actuall drone should also be visible by eyes

– make drone land when battery is less than 20%

– make drone land when remote battery is less than 15% If you as a company follow following tips you will always get the perfect footage and avoid loss due to accidents. Also keep in mind that drones are very expensive and production house will never like loss of drone because of this.

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