Professional dslr mirrorles cameras vs mobile camera phones

Flat lay of a photographers desk with a digital camera, a smartphone and some coffee with plenty of copy space

Although you must have seen many tv advertisements where mobile phones are showcased as if its a device that has totally replace professional cameras. But this is quite far from reality. Mobile phones cannot replace the professional cameras used by video production houses in delhi ncr gurgaon gurugram.

Lets first understand few benefits of mobile phones

  • portable
  • require less security permissions
  • cheap in budget
  • run and go edit
  • easy sharing

Now lets understand the negative side of mobile phone cameras

  • tiny size sensor
  • less low light capability
  • no option to change lenses
  • interference with phone calls
  • scratches on lens with daily movements in and out of pocket
  • heating issues with non stop recording.
  • lots of misguidance by mobile companies through marketing campaigns.
  • Limited one battery support.

Ok now you need to understand the why dslr or mirror less cameras are way ahead of mobile phone cameras

  • big sensor size. which means more detailing
  • you can change aperture to increase or decrease depth of field
  • you can change shutter speed
  • you can change focal lenght
  • you can change iso
  • you can also use various auto focus options or manual focus
  • quality of lense is 1000 times better
  • You can also change lenses.
  • Lenses are moisture and dust resistant. Also you protect them with cap.
  • No interference from notifications, calls , messages etc.
  • Less heating use. Easy do long 4k shoots.
  • You can totally customize the settings.
  • You can change batteries as backup

So next time anybody says that mobile phone camera is the future, you need to answer him properly with facts. Pro cameras and pro lenses will rule for a very very long time.