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Some of the most iconic shots in history have been taken from the air. The elevated last road at rameshwaram that we see online. From war films, to thrillers, to action movies, aerial cinematography, to corporate industrial AVs has created some of the most iconic shots in modern days. With the rise of drones, aerial cinematography is now accessible to all major gurgaon video production houses. That being said, it’s important to understand the value of aerial cinematography.

Aerial cinematography is the photographs or video from an aircraft or other flying object. The main tools used to achieve aerial photography are through helicopters and drones. Aerial cinematography is typically used for establishing shots, follow shots, and action sequences.

Aerial cinematography provides a very high vantage point and is perfect for both logistical reasons in being able to capture more within a frame as well as psychological reasons in how the perspective of aerial photography gives the audience a unique perspective of a story unfolding.

When is aerial cinematography used for?
Establishing shots of corporate mnc buildings
Chase scenes for industrial shoots
Landscape shots of organizations

Since drones owned by Cuts & Camera Video Production house have no intention of slowing down in the world of cinematography, let’s work together on your project to explore some drone shot techniques and tips that will help you elevate your video project value.

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