How these three points can benefit industrial marketing

Are you a manufacturer, factory owner or industrial services company ?
lets walk through a marketing strategy in 2021 from start to end.
Alright you are using your equipments, machines, raw material and manpower to supply to products to other B2B or B2C companies. Or you are directly selling your products to the customer. Or  maybe you are selling to OEMs. But your neat and clean plants at manesar, bilaspur, dharuhera, bhiwadi, bawal are not independently generating new customers.
From the initial call when we get on the phone with the potential customer, the first thing they do is go through your website. Most of the time manufacturing companies don’t have huge budget for website.
Se we dont need a high end complex software based website , but a good / clean / fast / readable / mobile optimized  website that presents all the necessary information. A 360 degree virtual reality video on the website can really add good amount of value to your company image.
 So the website should have enough text, images and moreover good video content so that you are able to educate your prospect properly. Informed buyer will alway do lots of research through your online assets before actually they decide to reach out to you.
The second most important thing is yearly video content flow. Most reliable way to go about it is to get a corporate video made.  Corporate video can be highlighted on your website or social media pages and is quite engaging.
Its a great way to educate your prospects or future employees and you can also start a practise of upgrading your corporate video every year.  Reason being new things are added and deleted each year in every organization. 
Other than corporate video you can various types of videos to your marketing strategy. Eg. panel, interview, product videos, process videos and things like that

Third and the last aspect is gonna be the brand collateral. Like some manufacturers need new logo, pitch text , new brochure, new line cards , new catalog and things like that.  We need to ensure that all branding remains the same, everything matches with each other .
At the end of the day whether or not you are spending  10 lac per year or 10 crore per year, there is a big difference between those two.
At the minmum core level you have to be hitting these three pillars of doing website management, video production and maintaining right kind of brand collaterals.
Keep creating valuable video content and put that content in front of them to entice them to come in.
So whether or not you are working with an video production agency now, you are thinking about working with an agency , hopefully if you are into manufacturing , you are going to be working with us.
But still look at the experience  those production houses have , working with your specific niche. 
Because you guys need somebody that understands exactly what is that you do .
We have been there before, we have got over 10 years of experience generating content for the manufacturing sector.
We have worked in the industry , we know what the struggles are that you guys come through.
So therefore , we know how to circumvent those and we are not gonna be sitting there and learning “what is this ”  ” what does that mean ” , ” what do you mean you sell to these people “, 
We get it from our past experience.

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