How to shoot a corporate video in a manufacturing unit without hampering the production

Lets talk about things which you can do while shooting inside a working manufacturing unit without hampering the regular production

1. Scout the location : You have got to go out ahead of time and see what there at the factory site. See what’s going on and get an idea about the processes. Se where you can put your camera and look for angles. Walk all around the factory and see the different things going on. When there are breaks on the machine, how they change parts in the machine, how output comes out from one machine to another. This will help you know when can you shoot and what can you get. One more important element in this is the supporting staff from client side. They should be cooperative enough to give you time and go along with you for an initial facility tour. So that the next time when you come for the actual shoot , you are fully prepared.

2. Make List of Processes : It is very important to make the complete list of processes. Manufacturing is all about processes like step 1 , step 2, step 3… so on and so forth. This will act like your roadmap during shoot and will give you amazing shoot opportunities. Each of the steps in processes will help you accomplish the final full video. Also not that in some cases client will not demand for full processes coverage, they maybe only interested in the aspects. In every process there is something that goes in and there is something that comes out. You may also discuss with the client to provide you some kind of process manual which is most of the times available with the plant-head .

3. Look for interesting angles : Angles are very important during shoot. Finalizing angles before shoot can save lots of time without hampering the production. See from where you can get high angles, from where you can get low angle. Basically everyone lover birds eye view and insects eye view shot. Also check for places where POV shots can be generated by action cam. There are unlimited ways you can clamp the camera to various moving things in factory for POV shot.

4. Move the Camera : Crane shot, slider shot, dolly shot, gimbal shot, anything where the moving camera is going to create greater interesting depth in the machinery. Avoid stagnant locked off shots . A small slider shot can also make shots look fabulous.

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