How to write a great script for your company corporate video

Do you know what successful videos have in common? A great script! This defines core strength on which all videos are built.

Lets understand the part of videos

The videos are all about story and how message will be displayed visually. The video style, the design and the sound design all form part of this aspect of video creation.

The correct balance between story and its implementation makes the project successful.

For example people dont just want to buy a car. Actually they want good roads and destinations where they can drive with satisfaction and enjoyment.

Similarly script of any product video or corporate video should clearly mention that how it helps the user.

Before you start writing a script, study your target group in detail and identify what they actually need as a solution.

The company corporate video for any company in delhi gurugram gurgaon should be long enough to clearly explain the idea of ​​the product or service and develop the story. On the other hand, it should be short enough so that viewers don’t get bored and stop watching the video before they get to the conclusion . From our ten years of experience of making thousands of corporate videos, animated videos, we can say with certainty that 3 minute is the ideal length of a corporate video explainer script. Ad films can be around 40 second. And product videos should be max 90sec.

Now you must be getting confused, that how to calculate the video length based on script words. Well, based on our experience, one minute of video equals approximately 120 written words . Based on this you can do more estimations. .

We are sure you will be able to plan script for your company in a better way after reading this blog. If you have any questions about corporate video production in general, we’d love for you to write to us.

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