What makes a great video

So what makes a great video ?
Do you really want to make a great video ?
Then I think let’s first understand how a bad video is made .
 As you can see in these examples
A bad video will have shoddy visuals, dull photography, jerky sequences, poor sound  with lots of noise and bad lighting techniques.
Such videos also carry boring words captions and clumsy editing.
Forget about impressing someone, such work can destroy your brand image forever..
Never never make such videos.
Now let’s try looking at a couple of good videos .
The essence of a good video lies in 

  • Good and effective screenplay
  • then comes cinematic camera work, that is absorbing and pleasing to eyes. 
  • enchanting music & matching background track can do wonders for your video project
  • Seemless editing , which is one of the very most important ingredients
  • You must also have convincing graphics and animation 
  • Industry standard camera should be used for producing High resolution 4k level output 
  • lastly video must carry clear message as communication. video should fulfill the initial project objectives
    I hope all this was useful
    We started Cuts & Camera Productions almost 10 years ago and over the course of those past 10 years , we have  had a chance to direct 100s and 100s of corporate videos.
    So next time when you plan a new corporate video, you will feel a lot more informed and you will do a lot better.

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