How to get better shot composition in corporate films and ad shoot video project

Framing and composition are essential in every corporate film project. As there are certain rules to ensure that your shot look inspirational and give ROI!

The Rule Of Thirds
Your shot will look better if you put points of interest on the thirds of your frame. You can visualize these points when imagining lines dividing your screen into nine blocks: three vertically, and three horizontally. This helps distractions.

Human brains respond good to symmetry. It simply looks and feels good, spreads balance

Leading Lines
Visible lines in your shot will subconsciously tell your viewer where they should be looking. Lines are everywhere: the stair railing, the fence, a river running past, roads, railways, and so on.

Leading and Head Room
Head room means that you want the top of your character’s head to be in the frame at all times. Leading room refers to the amount of space next to your character while they’re looking in a particular direction.

Every shot has a foreground, midground, and background. What you choose to show tells a lot about what’s in your shot.

Size means dominant
The size equals power rule sounds simple, but it has huge implications for your project. If an object takes up a large amount of the frame, viewers will see it as important.

UP DOWN Angles
Shooting a down angle from above the subject gives the viewer a sense of power over the subject. It makes the subject appear weaker and smaller in stature. While shooting the subject from a low up angle gives the power to the subject.

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