Kind of role gimbal plays in producing cinematic product advertisements

As you know gimbals are becoming increasingly popular and we
wanted to make a blog specifically geared towards this piece of equipment that we use for pretty much every single corporate cinematic shoot and the good thing is that all these tips and tricks can be applied with pretty much any gimbal that you have been using from dji, to crane to osmo etc . Same techniques are applicable in all cities like noida , gurugram, ncr, gurgaon.So let’s go ahead and jump into our top gimbal tips and tricks for producing cinematic content while doing corporate projects
>>>Number one is to make sure your gimbal is properly balanced. This one step is where most people tend to roll their eyes since they think that it’s a super basic step but they also don’t understand how important it is and why most people aren’t getting smooth shots . If your glidecam isn’t balanced properly it won’t even be able to stand upright but if your gimbal isn’t balanced it will still look like it’s perfectly balanced and ready to film and that’s why people ask us why their
footage isn’t smooth and that’s because most of the time it’s their gimbal that is unbalanced and they don’t even know it because they’re looking at it and it looks just fine but if your gimbal isn’t properly balanced your motors will have to work even harder to balance your camera which will drain your battery life and won’t eliminate all the bumps and shakes again
>>>Number two is turning the gimbal not the joystick now most gimbals such as the ronin rs2 , s3 come with a joystick and the joystick will actually control the camera and allow you to move it in any direction that you want. It’s a really great feature and it’s the most obvious thing to use to turn your camera but it will also ruin your shot
One of the downsides of a gimbal compared to a glidecam is that gimbals tend to have a more robotic look to them. Whenever you’re using the joystick it starts looking like a robot on top of that the joystick is way too sensitive and of course you can change the speed of the joystick in your settings but if you’re walking with your gimbal and you want to pan slowly to the right ,if you try to use the joystick it’s more
than likely going to be too fast or it’ll stutter a little bit because you’re trying to do this very slow. So if you’re wanting your camera to turn a certain way while walking
Don’t use the joysticks just turn your wrists. If you turn the base of the gimbal the camera will follow along also so if you’re walking one direction and you want to pan to the right simply turn your wrist towards that direction and the camera will follow . Avoid that joystick and just make the subtle movement with your wrists

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