How storyboarding is 200% required for corporate films

Hello everybody, welcome to another blog by Cuts & Camera Productions. Today we’re going to be talking about storyboarding and this should not be ignored while making corporate films. Just because films are not for hollywood and they are for corporates based out of cities like bhiwadi manesar gurugram delhi noida gurgaon faridabad you cannot take it lightly. Even corporate projects have life and they demand storyboarding.
Storyboarding is basically you writing out your entire
film in comic strip form . Storyboard covers every single camera angle, every single scene ,every single camera movement ,every single actor movement , every single motion in your entire corporate movie . So you basically can watch your business film from beginning to end in a comic strip form without actually shooting or editing.

Top corporate film producers in delhi ncr belt do this and there are a few reasons why do so is …this exercise lets you know exactly how your film is gonna play out. I mean you can watch your film from beginning to end so you know hey that scene doesn’t work here, don’t like this angle for the founders interview you know what is really gonna work so you can almost
pretty much just watch your film. It helps the company seniors see how the scene is gonna play out,what’s gonna be required from them and what angle this is gonna be and so they can almost kind of see the movie before they start acting . They can also suggest corrections to the production team.

And the biggest advantage of storyboarding is that it makes your video shoot go a hundred times smoother and faster. The number of days invested by video production house or video production agency go very productive. Why because you already have every single angle written out because nobody likes doing is going to a video shoot and make up shots with instant planning.

For example when you go for shooting without prior storyboarding and on return after reviewing few raw clips you realize it just wasn’t a good angle, you wish you had thought about that more you would have had this angle if time prior to shoot was invested on storyboarding.

Have the storyboards and you’ve already planned things properly. You simply go for shooting and set it up exactly like you’ve already planned it .

This good for all the production house, the company and the brand in hand.


Corporate Video Production – Proper planning with storyboarding


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