Eight ways you can get better audio in your corporate film project

Audio is very important for any digital video advertisement, full stop. Its even more important than the video. Did you know that when the internet speed has some issues,netflix reduces video quality to keep the videos streaming but does not reduce the audio quality. Does that make some sense
So Never never never make audio an afterthought. Here we are sharing few tips that will certainly ensure the best quality corporate video production. We have implemented same techniques with our customers in greater noida, delhi, gurugram, manesar, gurgaon cyber city and faridabad
…No.1 – Get the microphone as close as possible.
Should not be far from the frame. Closer mic means low or null background noise. So avoid shotgun on camera.
No.2 – Microphone Placement
Shotgun mic below the subject facing the ceiling should be avoided ,as this will capture fan or ac noise along with the persons main voice. Use boom pole with mic pointing downwards. You can also use Lapel mic, but it should be close to the middle button or collar of shirt. Use taping properly to avoid brushing of shirts .
No.3 – Choosing the right location
Always pay attention to room sound. Clap and check for eco, sound problems , birds , train sounds etc. Go to location one day before and go at the same planned time for next day. Use the best area and never settle for less. Never use bad sound location..
No.4 – Treat/Dampen the sound
Just do everything to dampen the sound. Use sound absorbing blankets. It will be 100 times better when compared to normal recording.
No.5 – Get Room Tone
Room tone is the sound of the environment when nobody inside it. Every room has certain sound. Record it for 40-45 sec . Use later in post where a need arises. Like the change in room tone sound for two different people at different time frames. Or in the middle of the shoot during the pause when somebody sneezes. This will come to rescue then
No.6 – Use a Dead Cat/Wind Screen
Always remember wind is number one enemy of sound mic. Noise due to wind is not easy to remove in editing. Precaution is better as there is no cure. Try using Low cost dead cat. Also known as wind cover. If budget allows then go for blimp windshield. This is like a 100% foolproof wind noise prevention.
No.7 – Your Recorder Settings
While using shotgun mic, always prefer to uses phantom power of field recorder. Simply avoid batteries as in case of battery operated mics low battery also means reduced audio quality. Always try to record in wav formats. 48kh wav is industry standard. Bit rate should be 24 .
No.8 – Always monitor your audio . Always review audio while recording using headphones. Never do this mistake of not using headphones. You will then never miss audio. Negative 12 db should be the audio level. Too loud recording should be avoided

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