About us video for business, does it really matter ?

Does your business’ require an about us video for more sales and dealings ? This about us video content can act as a bridge between you potential customer and your business. It’s a golden opportunity, the silver moment of truth where you tell the viewer your company/services/culture.
In the last two decades not many companies were bothered about making content for their website about us page. But now prospects want to know about your company before they engage into an agreement or deal. These type of prospects always have few questions in their mind like Will they help me through the process? Are they gonna be genuine people? It’s already a tough project can they make this any easier ?

In 2023 an about us video should be under 120 seconds. No need to make film more than 120 seconds because most of the people will only see initial 60 seconds. Its a fact proven by google analytics as well. Companies of gurugram and manesar and delhi are aware of this fact that if in the initial 60 seconds customer already likes who you are what you do and how reliable/trustworthy you are, then certainly they will contact you.

Through attractive about us video , customers get attracted in a positive way and everyone likes this phenomenon.

The video production process can be a very challenging task, when employees are stuck with too many different tasks. When you take help from a professional production house like www.cutsncamera.in then its a breeze. Whether you hire us or any other gurugram video production agency, make sure you have a partner that will do handholding throughout the process.

Need About Us Video for your company ? Connect with us for Corporate Video content creation. We are storytellers, we transform your vision into video.
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