what is the best aperture for corporate video It’s f 2.8 .

Just like with everything else in life a happy medium is the best for the aperture as well .Myself aditya dimri , has studied the work of hundreds of cinematographers and the f-stop they like to most of the time is f 2.8 , because that’s what most films have been shot on .And it’s not like cinematographers sat down one fine day and decided these things in a meeting.. they did not even go through a voting session.

It came about organically through practical limitations of cinematography, cameras lenses and lighting over many many decades of filmmaking . While working under various restrictions, they got a lot in return. They got the ability to stay consistent with their lighting and exposure . They could achieve the great images we love so much even in the high stakes high pressure environment of a dharuhera industrial film because they were able to keep many things constant.

This is why over about 100 years of cinema F 2.8 came to be the most preferred aperture for normally lit scenes . For low-light night scenes cinematographers typically prefer f2 again all this is for the super 35 millimeter sensor or any format close to super 35 millimeters todayDue to the improvements in iso and sensitivity in digital cameras the photographers can
use a wider aperture range .Also if you look at the classic popular zoom lenses for cinema they are close to f 2.8 ,f 2.95 or f3, even photography zoom lenses are consistent across all brands at f 2.8 .Also if you look at online photography rental companies, they even they let you find lenses with apertures above f 2.8 or higher because they know that’s the popular threshold.
So f 2.8 is the best aperture for filmmaking, but if you’re feeling that I want to play my own game ,then you can open the aperture as wide as you want or you can stop down as
much as you want. Not everybody sticks to f2.8 all the time.
There are always Exceptions . See you next time.

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