How to ensure film continuity in corporate films

Film continuity is a process in filmmaking to make sure elements in the frame stay consistent from one shot to the next or one scene to the next as long as they make sense .
Story wise for example if an employee is speaking to another employee and we cut back to the 1st actor his hair or dress shouldn’t change . Why not because it’s pretty obvious it distracts from what’s happening in the scene and takes the audience out of the film.
You don’t want that, because you want film to be successful to generate sales. Your company in panchgaon or bawal needs to grow. This is why it’s important to have the same element from one shot to the next as long as it makes story sense.
When you notice changes in position of actors OR employees in scene or elements in scene over different shots these are called continuity errors . An experienced production house will take care of such mistakes.. There are lighting continuity areas where the light usually sunlight should be staying consistent and the shadows are all supposed to stay in one direction but aren’t sometimes clouds just roll by the scene and change things entirely.
You must have noticed Continuity errors in various corporate films or digital ads, sometimes crew members are visible due to some reflection of glass in front . Sometimes a scene is shot
weeks or months apart and cinematographer has to ensure that everything is matched to get the same emotional intensity or same sequence in the scene ,all this is very common in corporate filmmaking .
When filming out a sequence in corporate advertisement continuity errors are almost always an accident and sometimes because the filmmakers have no other choice.
Film continuity involves story continuity ,editing continuity and sound continuity . Every element in the film must stay consistent otherwise it would be unwatchable sort of watching tick tock videos. End of the day you will be showing this to a B2B prospect, your future customer.
But you wont believe that countless corporate films have been made with the worst continuity errors . Thats why agency selection matters.

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