Red color in corporate films and advertisements

The three primary colors are red, green and blue .

Our eyes are designed this way since childhood.

At night humans don’t see red color and it could be the reason why we feel night is blue or green.

We accept colors in cinema because directly or indirectly its part of us. We cannot skip this fact.

During the day the sky is blue, and its reflection makes oceans ,sea , rivers ,lakes and canals blue. All this blue around makes the planet blue. You must have seen those blue sphere images from the space. Now its easy to understand why our eyes would have adapted to understand blue .

Now talking about green, you see green is everywhere .

Its on trees and plants and is directly tied to life and crucial for our human life existence. It’s no surprise our eyes have evolved to understand green.

We also understand brown, the color of mud-sand , land base and our own skin .
We understand the yellow orange of fire or of the Sun at dawn and dusk .

We also understand red . Red is my favorite .

The red is hard to come by in nature ,sure there are plants flowers and animals with red in them .The sky turns red sometimes but only sometimes and not regularly at every part of the planet.

Red is probably the color that has the strongest emotional reaction in most humans . Red has been associated with many things. Red signifies danger..thats why traffic signs are in red . Red signifies anger. Red signifies love.

If there’s red in the frame your eye is drawn to it maybe this is one of the reasons why a large majority of countries have read in their Flags.

There are many ways you can play around with colors in your film projects. Make sure you carry a bunch of modern rgb lights. And always remember , rules are meant to be broken. So just play you own game.
I hope you found this video useful …I’ll see you in the next one bye now

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