Slider vs gimbal, which one is better for corporate film and ad film projects

Gimbal is quite famous these day.

Not everyone knows about sliders and monopods before the introduction of gimbals.

A cinematography slider and a gimbal are both great tools for creating smooth, cinematic shots. Gurugram ncr customers make this must to carry requirement when they hire gurgaon production companies. These shots are required in executing corporate video, advertisements, brand video or documentary projects. However, they have different strengths and weaknesses that make them better suited for different types of projects.

Sliders are great for creating smooth tracking shots. They are used to move the camera smoothly along a straight or curved path. This can be used to create a sense of movement and follow a subject as they move through the space. Sliders are not very costly, making them a good option for budget-minded filmmakers.

Gimbals are great for creating smooth, stabilized shots using small motors to counteract camera shake while the camera is moving. Gimbals deliver smooth, professional-looking shots in all easy and difficult conditions. Gimbals are more expensive than sliders, and offer a wider range of features when compared to sliders.

You need to select between the two based on your shooting style, and the type of movements you need to capture.

For example for a CSR documentary film project you may like to use tripods, sliders etc. While for a corporate event project you will prefer gimbals.

A gimbal offers artistic freedom and makes video unique but remember in the case of gimbal: no two shots will be 100% alike. Since gimbals don’t need a place to mount it on, a gimbal is the preferred video stabilizer of outdoor videographers. Cinematographer appreciate its flexibility and the possibility to follow subjects as they move or do something unexpected.

On the other hand, a slider provides conservative movements and produces more similar compositions. It works very well for product and food footage, commercial videos, and real-estate shots, for which you want consistency among the videos. You could use a slider when you know the conditions in which you will be filming and the position of your subject. Focusing on a static subject in the foreground is the usual way to work with a slider. The movements are slower and more predictable than with a gimbal.

So which one you would buy…The choice is yours.
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